Excavation, House Lifts, Demo & Reno

Looking to add more space?

Sometimes you’ve got to demo, move or lift your house to optimize the available lot space.

Our demo and reno team can clear and renovate to create a brand new space, just the way you want. Envision your perfect sanctuary, man cave or revenue suite and we can make it happen. Demo and reno is ultimately the best and less expensive way to upgrade and add value to your house.

Considering to move or lift your home seems stressful but compared to the process of buying, selling and moving… it’s a breeze. Lifting your house can create a new or taller lower level and an opportunity to replace or repair your foundation and upgrade rotten posts or beams. We can also address drainage issues, settling and leveling in the process. We work with professional house movers and lifters to make sure it is done safely. When you lift and improve your home you easily add 50% value back into it.